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Contemporary Rustic

My passion for rustic furniture began over 20 years ago when my wife and I moved into Central Oregon from the Willamette Valley. We love the various forms of wood in it's natual state and often camp underneath a forest's spledor. We began making log beds, tables, chairs, lamps, coat racks, benches, dressers, tv stands, and many more creative products. We love twisted juniper and often incorporate it into our products. Our goal is to bring nature indoors in a way that allows a modern home to have a "forest" feel without looking like a hunting and fishing lodge. We think our products are right at home with your ikea furnishings! Most of what we make are one of a kind items, but they can be replicated although they may be slightly different from the original piece. If an item listed here has sold, we can build another. My wife Shannon has been designing and helping me build furniture for nearly 20 years. A true artist who can sketch out a furniture design in seconds, or paint a masterpiece on canvas or wood taking many weeks to complete one project. You will find her work here giving us a large variety of items. We are 27 year veterans of the Forest Service staffing Fire Lookout Towers in Oregon. We are committed all summer to fire detection but squeeze in time for craft making as well. Please be patient when ordering, we will do our best get your product asap!

We Are: Craftspeople, Artists, Musicians, and Forest Service Fire Lookouts among other cool things.

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Sunriver, Oregon

541 220-4744

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